One of my biggest dreams/life goals was to meet Kellin Quinn. I considered him my “hero.” Now I don’t really care about ever seeing him in person. I’ve always heard from people (usually guys) that Kellin is actually a “douche” and is rude to fans, but I always defended him. Always. Then the whole $80 Kellin Bundle was announced and shit hit the fan. Thousands of people, including band members who (as far as we know) were on friendly terms with the band spoke out against it. Hell, Kellin’s WIFE, who he seemed to have a fairytale relationship with, cracked a joke about how ridiculous the whole thing is. I doubt she just jumped on Twitter and said that for the fun of it. Obviously, something happened between the two of them and she disapproves of the bundle ; that suggests his ego really is big, and it’s showing to even the people closest to him. Everyone exploded when Kellin told fans they could just not buy the bundle and be cheap in a tweet, later deleted- but here he is, calling a fan “fucktard.”

I still listen to some of their songs, but I can’t say I’m a “true fan” anymore. Guess I’d better go get fucked now.

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